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Andrea is a nationally recognized advocate for the rights of transgender people currently based in the greater Chicago area. She's worked with the Human Rights Campaign, ACLU and National Center for Transgender Equality and specializes in "red state" transgender advocacy, recognized by the Arkansas Times in 2014 as a visionary. In March 2016, Andrea became one of the first ever transgender Americans to introduce a major party candidate for President of the United States, when she introduced US Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.  

She has succeeded as a movement builder, public speaker, grassroots and campaign organizer, policy advocate, workplace consultant, community researcher, strategist and resource developer, because she's able to apply her geography and journalism skills to analyze problems and create novel solutions. Her work demonstrates a commitment to public service, meeting people where they are and firm belief in centering the most impacted.  

She's an avid learner with graduate education in Geographic Information Systems and Broadcast Journalism. Andrea also loves hiking in outdoors, travel, meeting new people, walking dogs and performance on stilts. She considers Arkansas has her home state. 

This website is designed to showcase her work, both professionally and creatively, to the public. Andrea is available for public speaking, freelance opportunities and consulting for businesses and organizations. She can be contacted at andreazekis@gmail.com.